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Wanna help with my sons name?

<p dir=ltr> Now,Be nice. I am stuck on a name for my 2nd son, i've liked Bastian alot.I have another one but pthis one first.I just cant find a suitable middle name for it. I have recieved a bunch of different ideas from friends and family but my Husband isnt really fond of them enough to be like "thats the one" you know? I will list the options so far for help. <br>
Bastian Gray<br>
Bastian Eli (e-lie)<br>
Bastian Louie <br>
Bastian ?? <br>

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Anybody Want to buy this lot of 30 book Young Adult / Teen Novels/books? Most are New. Some are read with little scuff but not bad. I really wanna get rid of clutter and make room for New. I have my 2nd child on its way and feel I need to make some money. $25 for all. Message me and I&#8217;ll link you to paypal :)
Enjoying Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare under a tree by the Fort in St. Augustine, Fl. A favorite spot for peace and no one was around to see/hear me break down ;P
No spoilers! 
It came in.The family tree has already got me choked up but since I&#8217;m on my phone i cant hit read more so i wont spoil it but..i think the lot of you see something that is leading to nothing and&#8230;.well&#8230;that must mean something&#8230;ok.goodbye internet until i am done reading!

Girl Scout Cookie Charm Bracelet



made this for my Niece and her friends have now ordered 2,Figured Id post it everywhere since I know the world is filled with the addicting delicious cookies! come on over to my Etsy and order one! Every pieve is made by hand with polymer clay.I do not use a mold.Making everyone different from the other,One of a Kind! Support Moms who try to do something with their time!

My New Gauges.I made them out of Polymer Clay.Size 3/4in.
I can custom make Any Size/color.If you want a specific shape message me,I can work something out.

New Necklace at my Etsy Shop,$10,link on bottom of post. Peacock blue pearl,with purple/magenta Roses and silver dot accents,beautiful colors to bring out the Spring/Summer season coming up! One of a kind.Always handle with care when it comes to polymer clay!